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Founded by Abu Anfal Pappinisseri in 2000, Anfal Herbals is a trusted name in natural healthcare solutions. With a mission to provide effective and holistic remedies, we specialize in herbal therapies that promote healing and well-being.


Unlocking the Potential of Apitherapy


Infertility Solutions for M&W

Experience the transformative power of apitherapy in our specialized treatments for infertility of both Men and Women. By harnessing the healing properties of honey bee products, we strive to optimize fertility, enhance reproductive health, and increase the chances of successful conception. Our personalized care and natural remedies have helped numerous couples fulfill their dreams of parenthood.


PCOS/PCOD Management

Discover the benefits of apitherapy in managing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POS) and Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD). Our treatments aim to restore hormonal balance, regulate menstrual cycles, and alleviate symptoms associated with these conditions. Experience relief and improved well-being through our natural and holistic approach.


Hormonal Balance

We provide natural remedies that restore hormonal equilibrium, addressing imbalances that can impact overall health and well-being. Apitherapy offers a gentle and effective solution, utilizing honey bee products to support the body’s natural healing mechanisms and promote hormonal harmony.

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Discover the Power of Natural Healing

Our approach to healing is inspired by the principles of apitherapy, based on the wisdom of Prophetopathy. We believe in the healing properties of honey bee products and their ability to promote wellness and vitality. Our dedicated team combines this ancient knowledge with modern research to provide effective and holistic remedies for a range of health conditions.

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1. Proven Results

We take pride in our track record of successfully helping more than 2000 couples overcome infertility challenges. Our specialised treatments have provided remarkable results, even in cases of Azoospermia-a condition characterised by the absence of sperm in semen. With our holistic approach, we strive to restore balance and vitality to the reproductive system.

2. Inspired by Prophetopathy

At Anfal Herbals, we are guided by the principles of apitherapy as inspired by the wisdom of Prophetopathy. This ancient knowledge emphasizes the healing properties of honey bee products and their role in promoting wellness and vitality.

3. Personalized Treatment

We understand that each individual's health journey is unique. Our experienced practitioners conduct thorough assessments to understand your specific needs and goals. Based on this understanding, we develop personalized treatment plans that incorporate apitherapy, tailored to address your individual health concerns.

Stories of Our Patients

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You can find other cases that came to us, who were rewarded with the results of a new born baby.